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With a desire to be a bit more ecologically responsible, a bit greener and a bit more self sufficient, we set out in January 2020 to build the Rolls Royce of pub veg gardens. 

Little did we know on that cold morning in early January just how much work and cost lay ahead!


With 8 BIG boxes built and 16t of soil manhandled into place we can now see progress through the beads of blood and sweat. 


As of writing - April 20 - the veg garden project is virtually completed and we have sign of life, little vegetable and salad plants poking their heads out of the soil. 

Hopefully, the timing of the veg being ready and the COVID restrictions being lifted will marry up and we'll have home grown veg on our plates in the pub. If not, we'll have a load of veg to give to the community. 



Phone:  01785 850 294



Sunday 12-10.30

[ Food Served 12-8]

Monday 12pm - 11pm

[Food 12-9]

Tuesday to Thursday 12 - 11pm

[Food 12 - 9pm]

Friday & Saturday 12-12

[Food 12-9pm]

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